On Politics

I am less than a productive creature based on my own standard; just living this life, taking each day ordinarily – in other words, I am living to survive. Silence engulfed this blog for a month now and the more I ignore it, the more it gets bigger to the extent that I almost feared that I may never write any post for this blog again.

Tell you what, my own indolence enthused me to write, my own fear fueled me to write, isn’t it good? I mean, I used to write when I’m inspired, I form words at the back of my mind, scribble them on my notebook, and type them here – it has always been amazing to do such. But yea, I should start anew, bring back my love for writing, and find joy in sharing my thoughts to my few readers (if there are any of you left).

Now my topic is Politics.

I am writing this blog post not to sugar-coat the ways of Philippine politicians, or to make Philippine politics appear abysmal and immature. I am writing this to present my thoughts in a sensible and as much as possible, realistic manner.

Politics, its totality and reality cannot be avoided but hearing its dreary complexities for quite a while made me feel so dead beat. Let me ask you, isn’t it tiring and disappointing to hear over the news and read over the newspaper the posturing, name calling scandal, and pontificating/speechifying ways of Politicians? Just when they spew from their mouths that they were morally upright leaders with genuine concern for Filipinos during elections, their actions were not enough to justify their claims.

On the other hand, I am more disappointed on the way media is covering certain news, when talking about Politics, both sides of the political spectrum should be presented not just the side that bears weight at a given moment. I am also disappointed in the way some Filipinos were talking and writing about our politicians, as if being in the office made them a public property, ergo, we are entitled to shred/strip their character up to our heart’s content.

As rational and educated person, let us try to remember the dignity/self-respect that is inherent in every individual, a kind of respect that every person deserves regardless of his status in the society. Let’s get into the core and challenge the “idea” or the”argument” being posed and not the person.

If we will only try to examine it closely, the idea is the one being presented but the person is the one being attacked all the time, and this attack extends to his family and relatives which I believe is no longer right. Their thoughts might be different from ours, but that doesn’t make them stupid. Let us not challenge the IDENTIY but the IDEA that was once presented in the table. The existing issue is way more important rather than tarnishing the personality of one person by labeling him as corrupt, killer, etc.. We should not trade truth and respect with insulting puns and disgrace and try to project rumors as the existing truths.

Another reality is – both sides of the spectrum believe that one side is lying and wrongfully guided. Influences, egos, desire to maintain power gets in the way; they all wanted to stay at the top and staying at top means they have to pull someone down otherwise the stage might just collapse and they will all end up into the ground.

Moreover, the actual issue is often neglected which is transparency and visible service for the Filipino people. We don’t need people asking rhetorical questions, we need leaders whose vision for Philippines is well-defined not vague. We shall refrain from falling into the habit of being scandalmongers, while it is completely normal to disagree with someone’s ideas, it is not normal and right to criticize/attack the person and his families for it could be seriously destructive.

Political differences are important; it keeps the political spectrum balance and working. After all we are human beings, having different judgments made us open to good interpretations and misinterpretations.

Question the idea and be rational enough to put emphasis on the value of respect.




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