One-Shot Blogging

I have a lot of experiences to share, of observations to discuss, of thoughts to discern, of words to say, of sentiments to convey. But because I don’t have so much time to discuss them in an elaborate and detailed manner, I am going to make a one-shot blogging like I did in my previous blog posts.

Using my own neurons, I’ve decided to define One-shot blogging as… blabbing about different stories under one title mainly to conserve time and efforts without sacrificing the content.

Now, let the shot begin! 🙂

On experiences to share

Few days ago, I received a notification from WP, informing me that it’s already my third year as a blogger-blabber in this distinct online community. Wow! Three years of blogging and blabbing, of inspiring and criticizing, of crafting and writing poems. I have not been shied to share all my rants, my defeats, my failures, my worries, my pains, my heartbreaks, and my victories. My journey as a blogger-blabber has been worthwhile and special because of you, my beloved reader and visitor. This experience is awe inspiring and humbling at once because my every day journey, my prose, my poetry, my simple creations – they all came from me and they took their form through me… which made them more special. I hope and pray to see more readers and visitors in the next years to come. Three years and still counting folks. Cheers for this little achievement!

Another experience has something to do with my new infatuation. Well, just to add a little excitement to my boring life, I often find myself infatuated to some guys. Not that I am fantasizing or daydreaming about them because definitely I am not. I only enjoy the feeling brought by their company, their glances, and nice words about me. 😉

On Observations

Being an instructor for nearly 1 month now, here are the kinds of students I came across with (so far) see if you are one of them:

  1. A student who acts cool and can be rude to his instructor anytime
  2. A student who thinks and believes he knows everything and underestimates his instructor’s capability/ability to teach
  3. A student who talks/mimics the instructor
  4. A student who is genuinely curious and asks sensible questions
  5. A student who always seek attention (by being too active)
  6. A student who thinks he is the savior of the class by leaking answers/coaching his fellow student during class recitations
  7. A student who does not observe proper decorum while inside the classroom
  8. A student who becomes anxious during recitations/classroom activities
  9. A student who feels comfortable talking to the instructor in a casual way

On Thoughts

I have few thoughts running like squirrels inside my mind that needs proper discernment. Or else, I might just do something I am not supposed to do and regret it afterwards. I need more time to think and discern.

One of is the significance/importance of showing “respect”. It is expected that young ones should pay respect to the elders and in return, they wanted to be respected too – (as imposed by the society where we live). However, a real and long-lasting kind of “respect” is not freely given neither could be imposed by our society, it should be earned.

In other words, there is a clear line that separates real and long-lasting respect from the kind of respect imposed by our society, which is sometimes not long lasting. If you want to be respected, learn to show some respect regardless of your age or your status in the community.

On Words

I need stimulation to do creative work. I wanted to write a poem but I can’t find a reason to write one. One reason would let the words flow like molten lava, finding its own way to flow continuously – without hindrance, without impediment.


Oh poetry, you don’t know how I missed thee.

You are the home for my restless thoughts,

The refuge to my wandering sentiments.

Oh poetry, how I want to engross myself to the

Ethereal brilliance of writing one.


On Sentiments

I am happy and contented as of this moment. Happy for having a job, and contented with what is going on with my life now. I planted the seed of hope, nourished it with my faith, and now, God allowed the tree to bear fruits, of which I am reaping now. What else should I be asking for if all the things I needed are laid right exactly in my palms? Feeling so thankful and blessed!

On the other side, I am in the state of funk. I miss Paps. I miss him every day and every night. I will miss him forever. It is still painful or I should say it is getting more painful every day whenever I get a grasp of how time flies so quickly, of how many months he’s been gone and of the years that is yet to come without him.                                          


Mag-iwan ng Tugon

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