Updates On My Side

To my frequent readers, what’s up?!

To my few visitors, hello to you!

To my new followers, welcome to my virtual home, I am glad to see your name lingering here!


I have few updates because it has been a little while since my last post.

  1. 1.       I am sick.

I have a flu and tell you what, it is killing me… not softly but harshly. I am taking different meds and I hope they would help me because if this would last for another week or so, I wouldn’t be able to tolerate it anymore. *cough cough*

  1. 2.       One day, I realized my unrequited love had died a natural death.

Folks, I think you have to congratulate me this time because this is true! How did I know?

Okay, I would tell you.

If you have read some of my ramblings and blabbings here, you probably know the story of my unrequited love (if not, skip this part and continue with no. 3).

So like I was saying… recently, the recipient of my unrequited love appeared again after so many months. Before, everytime we see each other I always feel excited and happy; but the last time we met, there was no excitement at all.

In the middle of our conversation, he started telling me again about his personal sorrow, same sorrow brought by the same girl in the past 2 years.

He told me… “After sending her a cellphone, hair straightener and a Bible, she stopped talking to me again and she didn’t informed me that she’s dating someone else again, not her ex this time”.

Then I replied “You never learned your lesson. One day you’re in good terms with her then after a while, you’d tell me that she’s gone dating someone else again, either her ex or another guy she knew”.

To cut the story short, I have already lost my desire to talk to him, I mean he is still my friend and I can still listen to his stories but I would never allow him again to use me everytime he’s not in good terms with that girl. I have learned my lesson well. Before, I would always send my reply at the speed of lightning because I don’t want him to wait for too long but now, it would take me an hour or a day before I would write back to him.

So yea, I could say that my unrequited love had died a natural death. Cheers to that! 😀


  1. 3.       On being a part-time blogger-blabber.

Being a blogger-blabber I feel that it is my obligation to write. But since I have been a little busy with my new life, blogging-blabbing has become a little difficult (considering my schedule) but I know eventually things will be fine and I could start making posts again just like tonight. 😉

  1. 4.       On being a part-time instructor.

I’ve landed a job folks. Thanks to God for answering my prayers and to the communion of Saints for helping me pray. I am now an instructor in a university. It’s overwhelming, I am still adjusting (both emotionally, mentally, and physically). It is something I  never tried before, it is challenging and at the same time tiring. Let us see how long will I last. 😉

  1. 5.       On being a full-time dreamer.

I am still a full-time dreamer. I still dream of better things ahead of me.  Wonderful dreams that are yet to come true. 🙂

You may say I’m a dreamer

But I’m not the only one…

-John Lennon (Imagine)

Thanks for passing by! 🙂


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