Bottoms Up For The Best Father In The World!

Dear Paps,

It has been eight months since our good Lord called you to leave this wonderful but sometimes chaotic world, and there were a lot of occasions that you literally missed -such as Christmas, Birthdays, Graduation, and now, the special day for fathers.

Papa I would never get tired to let the whole world know that I am very proud of you, very proud! There were many times in the past months that I questioned the Lord why he called you so early, too early that we were not able to express fully the love we have for you, both in words and actions. And it’s just so painful to think up to these days that a man of good values, a man with sense of responsibility, a man of wit and humor, and a man of faith like you had to suffer a lot and left so sudden.

Minus prudence and faith, I would have thought that your death was unfair and unjust that you deserve to live a little longer, longer than fifty one years in mortal time. Papa, I miss you a lot and with these tears rolling down my cheeks I am hoping to see you again one day, there in the Kingdom of our Lord.

My memories of you will always remain, of how you were as a husband to mams and as a father to us.I love you Paps and remember that you are one of the best fathers in this world.

Bottoms up for you Paps on this special day! 🙂





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