The Five Kinds of Healing

I am supposed to write The Five Kinds of Healing together with my book review about The Potluck Club but I felt the need to write it separately so as not to outshine the purpose of the latter.

In the story, there was a cancer patient whom the Potluckers are fond of; for them, she is the sweetest girl ever, her name is Jan, wife of the pastor. Jan once mentioned to one of the Potluckers that there are Five Kinds of Healing but she only mentioned Four and left the last one untold.

But Lizzie, being the smartest of them all, figured out what was the last kind of healing and she made it known to other Potluckers. And I’d make it known to you too.

Here are they:

Healing of the attitude – true enough, with positive attitude the suffering becomes bearable and the atmosphere becomes lighter for both the patient and the people surrounding her/him. Then eventually, healing will spring out of optimism.

Natural immune system – God is great. He made our bodies with a natural immune system to combat illnesses. You see, that is why we are often told to boost our immune system by eating healthy foods and taking vitamins. We have a built-in weapon to fight whatever illness we may acquire.

Medical science – while our good Lord gave us the immune system, He also gave a way to discover medical science which in return is helping us to give solution to our health problems.

Miracle – When everything else failed to work, people pray and hope for miracle. Yes, miracles are true and if God willed it, you will receive it even in the life-and-death kind of situation.

Death – to those who will be left behind, this is the most painful kind of healing but for the one suffering, this is the best vindication he could ever get. After all, everyone will face the same end we just don’t know when, where, or how.

So these are the five kinds of healing, aren’t they true?


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