He died while He’s still alive


A blogpost remembering Ambruceo Grover (Hunter), my most favored and loved pet.

Saturday morning, at 8 in the morning, I brought Bruce to the vet’s clinic because he was not well. Yesterday afternoon, I came to the clinic to see him. I asked his doctor about his condition, he said Bruce is getting well, much better compared to his condition the other day (when I brought him to the clinic). When I went home, I was full of hope; hope that in the next few days he’ll recover fully and he’ll be able to go back to his home again.

But all my hopes came to an end when I received a text message this afternoon, informing me that Bruce (Hunter) already died. I felt numb, I felt heavy, I felt bad, I wanted to cry my heart out but tears won’t roll down to my face, not until the truth started seeping through my mind. While I was on my way to the clinic, I was still hoping that he might still be alive though there’s a very little chance that he would come back to life. When I reached the clinic, he’s already inside the crate, and when I saw it, I wanted to cry but I tried to stop my tears. On my way home, I was just blankly staring at the box, I was wondering how he looked like now, I was wondering how much he suffered, I was wondering if he’s happy that I became his owner, his friend.

When I reached home, that’s when I started to cry because I know, I wouldn’t be seeing Bruce again. I am sad, very sad.  I do not mind the money I spent for him since the time he came into my home until his last 3 days in the vet’s clinic. I am very sad because even for a short period of time, he gave me the feeling of sense of companionship, he left me with his affection and love. A mere dog or animal  (as other people would say)  is capable of loving someone  as clear as a water and as pure as a pearl, better than the love that a human being could give.

More than the emotional attachment, I also started imagining my life with Bruce. I dreamed of spending the ten years (or so) of my life with him as my companion, a friend. Why so? because honestly, I greater part of me have already decided not to get married so I just need someone to accompany me, and a pet who will stay by my side after seeing the best and worst in me is not bad at all.

Bruce is smart. In less than a week, he had learned a lot.  When I say “stop”, he would sit and would never cross the boundary line that separates our living room and our terrace.  Sometimes, when I say “stop”, he wouldn’t sit, instead he would lie down on the floor and  would start crawling slowly, thereby crossing the boundary and then he’s in! Whenever I call his name, he would come rushing to me, wagging his black tail as if he’s very happy.  Whenever I feed him, he would eat graciously. Whenever I bathe him, he would allow me to finish it without being naughty and stubborn. When I say “out”, he would turn his back and walk out of the door. Whenever I lightly hit him with the slipper he just bitten, he would go to a corner and would not do any slow move; given that gesture, I assumed that he’s already repenting the mistake that he just had committed. Bruce is a fast learner and if he didn’t left me this fast, he would still learn a lot, I am sure of that, very sure.

A letter to my Pet ❤

Dear Bruce,

I am sorry if I’ve been an unworthy owner. I am sorry if you suffered that much and ended up resting in a crate under the open sky, below the surface of the earth. Losing you is like losing a loved one who is very dear to me. Truly, sudden aversion of life is painful especially if it involves a very strong emotion called “love”. I will remember the days you spent with me, with us, your family. I will cherish every memory and lock it safely inside my heart because I never loved a pet the way I did for you. Bruce, rest in peace now. I am sorry and I love you.

Your owner and friend,

Nichie Michie


4 thoughts on “He died while He’s still alive

  1. walang anuman. baka kaya may temper sya? pag ganoon kasi, talagang di nahahabol. pag di sya nabigyan ng proper injections bago napunta sa iyo? ganoon sa pagkaalam ko ang usual cases… ^^

    namatayan kasi kami ng shih tzu last year. four and a half years namin syang kasama at dalawang buwan at least na naiiyak pa ako sa tuwing maaalala siya. ayon… kalungkot, ano? pakikiramay, kapatid… 🙂

    • he probably got Parvo daw, kasi I found out na yung mga askals dito sa neighborhood namin may ganung case (similar to my pup). hindi sana ako mag-eexpect ng mas mataas sa 40% kung hindi sinabi ng doctor na “buti nadala mo agad dito sa clinic, and so far, wala pa namang namamatay na pet na dinala dito”, so yun, hoping naman ako na magiging okay sya kaso hindi na nag-survive.

      yung sa vaccine, yes, wala pa pala xang vaccine, dapat sana nakapag-deworming na din pala (hindi naman na-mention sa akin ng breeder). oo eh, sobrang nakakalungkot.

    • Sobrang lungkot nga eh, kanina lang niligpit ko na yung mga gamit nung pet kong namatay, halos maiyak na naman nga ako. (boohoo)
      Sobra din ang panghihinayang ko kasi halos two weeks pa lang sya sa akin. Salamat pala sa pakikiramay mo kaibigan! ❤

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