My New Pup

Okay, so I shortly mentioned in this post that I got a new pup and I also mentioned what kind of pup he is.


Originally his name is Bruce, and my two sisters started calling him Bruce too which I don’t really like.
His name is Ambruceo Grover.
Ambruceo because we want his name to sound a lil’ old and originally, his name is “bruce”. Grover because I’ve been reading the whole series of Percy Jackson and the Olympians and I love Grover a lot because of his love for his friend (not to mention that our pup loves to crush tin cans in the same way Grover love to eat them. ha!). But since he wasn’t well yesterday, I started calling him Hunter so that he’ll come out strong like my father (whose call sign is Hunter when he was still working). 😀

Hunter isn’t doing well, he’s in the vet’s clinic now, restoring his strength, I hope he’ll get better soon. I am going to visit him later today.


Mag-iwan ng Tugon

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