Morbid Scenes Makes Me Anxious

I was watching King 2 Hearts the past two days. It’s a Korean Novela, the story is about the quest of the Royal Family and the Communist Party to unify the South and North Korea by joining WOC and doing diplomatic talks. It is also a story about love, yea… it’s given in every Novela, right? It has 20 episodes and I thought it’s a good novela to watch. 

I always try to avoid movies that has morbid scenes because I knew that one morbid scene could make me feel anxious and scared for few days or week or weeks. Whether it’s a light morbid scene (something that involves killing and blood) or a heavy one (like cutting someone’s ears using a scissor), I don’t like watching such scenes.

But I was so unfortunate because while watching the Novela, I saw few morbid scenes hence, I am feeling anxious and scared. I know that I must conquer my fear, it’s quite difficult though I am really doing my best. I do hope that I’ll be able to overcome this fear. 😦


Mag-iwan ng Tugon

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