Tip To The Wise From The Unwise

Are you a type of person who is sometimes occupied by tons of next-to-impossible-thoughts or unhealthy thoughts? Why don’t you take a break from those? Why don’t you lie down on your bed and feel its softness (even if it’s not), look at the ceiling, close your eyes for a moment then open it.

After, think of the things that you want to accomplish for the second quarter of this year. Isn’t it something worth doing? why don’t you try it? Rather than spending few minutes just to complete a single status on Facebook or t shorten your tweet on Twitter so that it would fit perfectly to the allowed number of characters that you can use.

As I was suggesting earlier, try to set your goals NOW. You can scribble your goals in a paper, once you think you’re done, list them down from the most important goal to the least. Then after, you can start categorizing them, from the least difficult goal to the most important one or vice versa.

The important thing is – you’ve already set your goals and the next and final step is to… accomplish them all the soonest time possible. 🙂

I have set my goals for the entire year, I was half-way done with my goals for the first quarter and now, I am already eyeing to accomplish my goals for the second quarter. But no matter what, I will still accomplish all my goals for the year 2-0-1-2.

I hope you will do the same!

a helpful tip to the wise from the unwise.


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