Putting An End

Life is indeed full of twists; sweet twists, bitter twists, hard twists and a whole lot more. Everyday, at home, at office or in whatever situation, in anything we do,  we always make decision/s. These decisions could change our lives for a moment or forever. As someone who uses both heart and mind, we try to weigh things according to its significance and worth to our lives then decision-making will soon occur.

I’ve been very open to the kind of work I got last week. Like I said, it’s a position that no one will never think of abandoning. Although, it’s totally a new environment for me, I’ve tried hard to learn how to manage the business and the people. On the last few days, I am already enjoying what I am doing because it’s not that difficult as I imagined it. So, I literally started to like the position and embrace all the responsibilities to make the business successful.

However, a lot of things could happen in an instant, without any notice, they just simply happen. On Monday (Feb. 27, 2012) I called the Area Manager that I would already resign as MT of Video City Palawan; with second thoughts of course. Why would I resign? Simple, because of my father. My father has a depression and recently the doctor said he has a dementia too. We hired someone to look after him but for the past 2 days, he never came back thus leaving us with tons of worries everyday. We worry that papa may not be able to take care of himself or he may leave the house and we could no longer find him, a lot of things could happen if he’s alone because of his condition. Mams is also working, my two sisters are both going to school, and I, being the eldest have to make little sacrifices again for the family.

Funny to think that, a lot of people out there are looking for a job and me, I got 2 jobs last year, they aren’t that bad but then I resigned because no one will look after my father. This year, I got the best job offer too, but then again, I was forced to leave because of papa again. I also chose to temporarily stop my MA program because of the same reason. I always tell myself that these are just little sacrifices that I could make. But when I think of it, they are not just little, they are huge sacrifices because it concerns my dreams and like I always say, achieving my dreams makes me whole.

If I only allowed my pride, my dense heart and selfish mind  to rule over me, I would have chosen the job against my family. Who in the world would give up a high position with good emolument and benefits? No one, except  someone who has a heart for his family, someone who value life and memories more than money, someone who trust God that better opportunities will come at the right time when everything is fine.

~Sighs~. I feel sad, really sad that I have to leave the job so soon. But thinking that I will be doing it for my father, makes me feel fine because he’s getting a bit old now so God is giving me time to serve him and give back to him all the sacrifices and things he’s given to me back then. Life is just like that, I believe that if you have to choose between a difficult and easy path, take the difficult one, in that way you will never regret everything because you know that you tried enough, that’s what I am doing now and that’s what I intend to do in the future.

Opportunities will come while you are still alive, there are plenty of opportunities but your father’s life once gone will never come back  again. I’ll just cherish the moment that I am with my father and pray for the best.

To my family, friends, and online friends, thank you for the prayers, pieces of advice and encouragements. They all helped me but things happen when we least expect it so it turned out this way. Again, thank you very much and may God bless you all a hundredfold!

Nichelley 🙂


2 thoughts on “Putting An End

  1. you are great !!
    nothing in this world can be more than family…even when you are in deep prob, they will be the first one to stand by you and no one else…so be proud and be careful…good luck definitely follows good deeds.be confident.

    all the best..lv ur dad..lv ur fam…u ll see..u ll groom more than others.

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