My Professor’s Short Message



This afternoon, while I was lying on my bed thinking what shall I do to make this day a bit more interesting, I remembered something. That “something” is the image posted above, of course it’s not about my grade, it’s about the message written by my professor (Prof. Ruth Tabang) at the back of my class card.

She was my professor in World Literature and Argumentation and Debate in college. I would say she’s a very good, jolly, and very intelligent professor. I truly like her teaching style. She can be a professor, a mother, a mentor and a friend – that is how I look at her.

Passing the said subjects was never easy for me, however, I still passed them with flying colors (very far from my expectation of getting a passing grade which is a grade of 2.)

Apart from the praises and passing grade that I got from her; she left a message that I will never forget as long as I am alive. This is -what she wrote at the back of my class card: “Keep up the good work. Reach that STAR you are aiming for. -Ma’am.” 

I am the only one who got that kind of message because all my classmates got a “direct to the point message”. She wrote something like these, “You will become a good lawyer someday”, “You are a lover of words, you will become a good writer”, “You seemed to be inspired nowadays, keep it up”, etc.

Now can you see the difference? My message (for me) seemed to be in a general tone whilst for my classmates, it’s very direct and clear.

That is the reason why until today, I am still thinking what she’s trying to tell me although if you look at it as it is written,  the explanation is very obvious.  Many times (including today), I am thinking that maybe she saw something in me while I was still her student. That’s why she  honestly believed that I have the ability and capacity to do good in anything that I would do. However, the problem with me is that I don’t trust my own ability; I think and feel so inferior all the time since I was in college.

I would really need to work on my self-posed problems so that I could reach the STAR that I am aiming for. And on that day, I would be able to live up my professor’s words and well, expectation. 🙂


Mag-iwan ng Tugon

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