Because I Miss You

Jung Yong Hwa

(as Lee Shin in Heartrings)

I love the guy…

I love his voice…

I love his songs…

I love how he strums his guitar…

I love him much!!!

Because I Miss You

(English Translation)

Note: I am not sure if this is the exact translation of the song.  I copied it from someone’s website ( I should have copied the url so I could give proper acknowledgment to the owner… Anyway, whoever you are, big thanks to you!) I really love the song so much and I want to memorize the english translation. May God bless you for sharing this piece.

Always the exactly same sky and always the same day
Only thing that is different is that you are not here
I thought I’ve let you go. Without anything left
No, no. I still haven’t been able to let you go

Longing for you, I am longing for you.
Because I am longing for you, I call you and call you by myself everyday
Missing you, I am missing you.
Because I am missing you, now I just call out your name like a habit. Even today

Day by day, I feel like I am dying, so what could I do?
Love you, Love you I love you
Without even being able to tell you these, I’ve had to let you go like that

Sorry, I am sorry.
Can you hear me?
Could you be able to hear my late confession?
I love you.

Blessings to everyone who read this blog!




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