Lord, Forgive Us.

Dear Lord,

Once again, Catholics all over the globe will be celebrating and commemorating Your birth.

And probably, some might forget to ask  forgiveness from you and some might even forget to say thanks to you because they will be overwhelmed with too much food and wine served on their tables.

Oh Lord, you have a pure and forgiving heart please do forgive our yielding for temptation; pardon our vanity, desire for sensual pleasure and our adoration for earthly things. Have mercy on us Oh Lord for most of the time, we don’t know what we are doing; and oftentimes, we commit things that hurts you so badly.

We thank you Oh Lord for your compassion.  Thank you for your boundless empathy and unfathomable love for humanity.  You are a joy to every human’s heart. Your words never fail to touch and inspire someone’s life.

You crafted this world, and all that we have right now, we owe them all to You.

Your daughter,



Mag-iwan ng Tugon

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