Smart Buddy Call and Text Promos


I am a retailer of Smartload; but whenever a customer asks me something about call or text promos; I always say, “I don’t know that promo”, which sounds irritating I know.

Therefore, I made some research and found the following promos, rates, as well as how to register. I hope this can help you too, my fellow retailers and load buyers.🙂


All Calls 20

  • 20php
  • 10 minutes worth of calls to Smart/Talk N’ Text subscribers
  • 5 minutes texts to Smart/Talk N’ Text subscribers
  • Promo is good for 1 day
  • You can load it directly or send 20 to 909 anytime

All Calls 100

  • 100php
  • 60 minutes worth of calls to Smart/Talk N’ Text subscribers
  • 30 free texts to Smart/Talk N’ Text subscribers
  • Promo is good for 5 days.
  • You can load it directly or send 100 to 909 anytime


  • You can load it directly from smartload retailer orconvert airtime load and register by texting TALK100or TALK500 to 6400
  • To call, just dial *6400 + 11 digit SMART number. Ex. *640009191234567
  • *P1.00 airtime balance must be maintained.
  • Cannot register concurrently with other unlimited call offers.

SMARTEXT PLUS 60 (unlimited text with 20 min. call for 5 days)

  • Enjoy unli text plus 20 minutes consumable calls to smart/tnt for 5 days
  • To register:  send TXT60 to 6402
  • To call:  dial *6402 + 11 digit mobile no.

How to register to Smart Unlimited text P15 for 1 Day:

  • Send 15 to 258

How to register to Smart Unlimited text P30 for 2 Days:

  • Send 30 to 258

How to register to Smart Unlimited Text P60 for 4 days:

  • Send 60 to 258


  • To register: Text ATM20 to 2827
  • 110 text/mms to smart/talk n text and 10 text to other networks
  • Also available ATM30 for 180 text/mms


  • From 11pm to 6am
  • Text NYT15 TO 8566
  • To call dial *8566 + 11 digit smart number. Ex. *85660919xxxxxxx


  • Text and MMS all day and Call all Night
  • 100 text/mms to Smart/TNT and 10 text to other networks PLUS unlimited call from 11pm to 6am
  • To register: text C25 send to 2827
  • To call: dial *8654 + 11 digit mobile number. Ex. *86540919xxxxxxx


  • Budget Surf 50 for 5 hours and All Day Surf 100 for 12 hours
  • To subscribe visit: using your phone.
  • To register to Budget Surf: Text INET BUD send to 211
  • To register to All Day Surf: Text INET DAY send to 211
  • One piso charge per SMS sent
  • To check account status: Text INET STATUS send to 211
  • Regular charge for browsing is Php 10.00/30 min.


Smart Piso per Minute Call (FLEXI RATE)

You only need P20 for calls up to 20 mins.


  • To register text FLEXI send to 880 (one time free registration)
  • Dial *88cel# your calling
  • Example: *880919XXXXXXX

Smart Flatrate Call:

  • Call up to 3 mins. for P10 and 5 mins. for P15


  • Dial *883 + Mobile No.
  • Example: *88309191234567

How to send Pasaload ?

In your write message, key in the (mobile number) (space) (amount) and send to 808

Example: 09181234567 2 send to 808

Pasaload denominations: 2,5,10,15,20,30,60,100,200

How to “Pasa” All Text 20

Just text <11 digit cell number [space] AT20 and send to 808

Example: 0918xxxxxxx AT20

How to “Pasa” Lahat Text 35

100 texts to all networks

Just text <11 digit cell number [space] LT35 and send to 808

Example: 09181234567 LT35

How to “Pasa” Lahat Text 20

50 texts to all networks

Just text <11 digit cell number [space] LT20 and send to 808

Eample: 09181234567 LT20

How to “Pasa” All Text

Just text the cell number , space, AT<amount> and send to 808.
Ex: 09181234567 AT10 – for Alltext 10
09181234567 AT20 – for Alltext 20
09181234567 AT40 – for Alltext 40
09181234567 AT50 – for Alltext 50
09181234567 AT25 – for Alltext Upsize P20

How to ask for load?

  • Dial *808 plus 11-digit cell number of your friend then press call
  • Example: *80809181234567
  • Request for ASK-FOR-LOAD is FREE of charge.
  • Maximum of 3 requests per day. Succeeding requests will be disallowed and charged P1.00 if applicable.

Load Validity


P1,000.00                                120 Days

P500.00                                   120 days

P300.00                                   75 days

P200.00                                   60 days

P115.00                                   45 days

P100.00                                   30 days

P60.00                                     30 days

P50.00                                     15 days

P30.00                                     15 days

P15.00                                     15 days

P10.00                                     3 days

P5.00                                       3 days


29 thoughts on “Smart Buddy Call and Text Promos

  1. helo po 😀 ask ko lng po kng pano e register ang smart ko sa yahoo
    pra maka online po ako sa cp ko po.. tnx po

    • Hello! hindi ko alam kung makakatulong ‘to sayo pero ganito kasi ginawa ko.
      Sign-in ka sa yahoo messenger, click mo yung Messenger sa taas then choose Preferences,
      click Mobile option then check the box the says “Sign me in to SMS when I sign out…”.
      You’ll just need to put the mobile number that you’ll be using.
      Tapos avail ka na lang ng unlimited chat promo para makapag-reply ka kapag merong nag-chat sa iyo.
      Ganyan kasi ginawa ko sa Globe ko. Hindi ko alam kung merong mas madaling paraan. hehe..
      Kung gusto mo, tawag ka na lang sa hotline ng network provider mo.
      Salamat sa pagdaan!🙂

  2. tnx for the info,nakakainis lang talaga ang smart buddy pag may load ka dahil palagi silang mag send sa iyo ng mga nonsense na ringtone,bawas load na naman,,.hahai

    • Ganyan po talaga sa sobrang dami ng nag-aavail ng promo nila. Kaya nga po ako bihira lang mag-avail ng promo nila (kung talagang kelangan lang), usually regular load na lang ang ginagamit ko.

  3. ung All Calls 20 po ba nirereg lng…wala ng ibang gagwin para gamitin un? (ex.ano ilalagay before the number na tatawagan)thanks=)

  4. Be a VMOBILE Retailer or Technopreneur
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