The Highlights of My 2015: Fast Review

Hello, how is it going at your end? I hope everything is well.

  1. By the beginning of 2015, one of my goals is to write often but now, the year is about to end and I have not written anything except the one and only post which I wrote in January.

Life has been great amidst all the little challenges I had encountered during the first to last quarter of this year. These challenges almost crippled me, it almost led me to abandon my job but thanks to God who has been with me throughout these challenges to remind me that He is in control of everything. This is my way of telling you that challenges will always be there and you are lucky if you can beat them all. The best consolation after all you’ve been through is that – you are still alive today, that I am still here, writing this post, and you are there, reading this post. We made it through the last quarter of the year, you are brave, you are great and you are doing well!

I don’t know what to say, I don’t know where to start because one year is such a long time and many events happened along the way.

I am grateful. It may not be so obvious, but I am truly grateful for the countless blessings I have received this year. Let me share to you some of these blessings, and be reminded of the fact that God wanted us to become successful in everything we do.

  1. I took up units in education because I wanted to have a professional license. That’s all. Hence, I enrolled in 6 subjects/courses (technically a total of 18 units! Add to that the teaching demonstration and baby thesis, plus the prelim, midterm, and final exam… I was kind of dead.). Every weekend, from 7:30 am -5:30 pm, I was a student for one whole semester (but quite a few times, I’ve been late in my classes or worst, absent which was intentional by the way). During weekdays, I was the opposite, handling 9 subjects that’s equal to 27 units with some extracurricular tasks.  Now, do the math.  Thank God, I survived the semester and finally had a passport to take the licensure examination for teachers.
  2. Summer for me wasn’t intended for vacation, it was intended for earning money. That’s why instead of enjoying the beaches, I was enduring the heat inside the classroom. After summer class, I thought I’ll be free. But heck, I was assigned to be an enrolling officer and before I knew it, it’s already the opening of classes ONCE AGAIN. I still have my job though!
  3. Two months had passed, and people who just earned 18 units in education were already preparing for the review classes. I don’t want to enroll but Mom and one of our neighbors told me that it is better if I will enroll in a review class, hence I reluctantly enrolled. I paid around 10,500.00, and I had to spend a minimum of 400 during weekends, for food and transportation. I got bored, distracted, and disappointed. I barely attended the review classes; I always had my lame excuses. I got bored… what’s nice about sitting in a not-well ventilated and not-well organized room while painstakingly having trial exams? Not good, really. I got distracted, we had accreditation in our college and I was tasked to prepare and sort documents which I wasn’t really familiar but it was successful by the way, the program I was a part of is now ready for level 3.0 accreditation. Thank you, Lord! But then like I said earlier, I got disappointed too, some lecturers aren’t interesting, not that I am better than them because I am not, it’s just that they failed to get my attention. By the beginning of August, I stopped attending the review classes. What’s nice about it? I have finished checking the quizzes of my students because I already have the entire weekend to do it!
  4. Then the day for filing of application to take the LET came, I didn’t want to apply but there were two individuals who endured the heat and hunger and tried to secure my application sheet, when I came there, I only had to pay the registration fee. I’ll be forever thankful to these two individuals who helped me!
  5. September 27, 2015, the most awaited day finally came. It was the examination day. I ate a little breakfast. The examination was whole day but then I was able to finish it a little early; I was secretly laughing inside of me because the exam wasn’t difficult BUT in order to get a rating that is a little above the passing rate, you have to review your subjects back in high school for general education, but for professional education, your common sense might save you, and lastly, for majorship, you need to be familiar of course with the tenets of your major. I know that I have answered more than half of the test questions in Professional Education and Majorship but I was not so confident with General Education. It was a horror to see 38 items of Science and around 20+ items for mathematics, I didn’t lose my heart though, I continued taking the exam. I know that the Lord has been with me all throughout the examination. I read and reread the questions after answering them; I counted and recounted all my answers to make sure that I shaded all the circles. I went home, hungry but not really disappointed because I know, I had no one to blame except myself.
  6. November 27, 2015, I have been waiting for the results of the LET, 28th, my birthday had passed and 29th too but no results still! On November 30th, I was doing the requirements for my clearance when my sister said that the result for LET has been released already. I don’t know what I exactly felt; I was scared – scared and kind of blaming myself that if I only reviewed properly, things would have been a little better. I was a little confident too – because I know, God’s by my side. My feelings then was like a circus, I was happy but scared and wanted to throw up too. Waiting for the results to be downloaded was like forever though it’s only taking minutes. Then my sister saw my name, I passed the LET! Woohoo! I felt good! It was a relief! All my expenses were worth it! Thank you , Lord!
  7. The wait wasn’t over yet, I had to wait for my rating. I thought, it will be around 75% which was the passing rate by the way. Every day, I was checking the website of PRC and today, just today, the rating has been posted and mine is a little above 80. It was an accomplishment, I am happy, I am grateful.

So these are the highlights of my 2015. What’s yours?


The past year and the year that is yet to come

It is time to unveil treasures again. The year 2014 gone by so fast without my thoughts delivered in printed form.  Well now, allow me to enumerate my acceptable reasons for not writing over the past year.

  1. I used to maintain 4 blogs since 2010 and I felt like blogging for me was OVER but with my renewed enthusiasm I’d be blogging again this 2015. Hoping to stay here frequently.
  2. Work-related responsibilities eaten up my time.
  3. I have used all my words, too bad and shameful that none of them were left.
  4. Internet stole my brain and interest. I spent my vacant hours browsing Pinterest, pinning cute and beautiful stuff.
  5. I didn’t read any book (except text books that I use in teaching which I’m telling you are less than interesting). How’s that possible eh? A year passed by without reading a book is pitiable. I know!
  6. I’ve been caught between career and life, wants and needs, and the things I would like to do which I never tried doing. Argh!
  7. I didn’t have concrete goals last year, there were only 3 words that occupied my mind then – come what may. So now, I’ll have concrete goals.
  8. I’m back to school by accident by chance; I know God is leading me! The only thing that I am most certain about.

For the year that is yet to come, I am ready to explore new paths, write often, and let my creativity take its form in words.

I wish everyone a wonderful new year filled with blessings and joy.

Revisiting our History on National Heroes Day

Hooray it’s Holiday because it’s National Heroes Day!

What is the significance of having this day as “Holiday”? Is it about the laying of wreath to the monuments of Filipino Heroes? Is it about offering them a 1-day fame and then what? Remember them again next year? Is it about commemorating what these heroes (including the unsung heroes) have done to liberate our motherland? Is it about the Cry of Balintawak in August 1896 that formally started the Philippine Revolution? Why do we have to remember the events and the people who have shed their bloods for our country’s freedom? What is the significance of this day? I am afraid that another important holiday is about to pass without understanding its essence.

Below is one of my favorite quotations…

“If you deprive a man of who he is, you can make him anything that you want him to be. But if you teach him his heritage and his culture, he will aspire to be greater than those before him.”

There is a resounding need to revisit our history not just to guide this nation, not just to make the sacrifices of our heroes known to us but to make us realize that we must act and continue what they have started. Let’s not allow their efforts go to naught; instead, let’s use their sacrifices, their principles and ideals to give us the strength in facing iniquitous actions, the grace to remain strong in the face of political turmoil and obstacles, the intelligence and sound reasoning to channel the needs of this nation.

On the other hand, I couldn’t blame you if you have already lost your faith that this nation can be great again. Because even if there is the existence of Bill of Rights (that guarantees our individual freedom), somehow we do not feel safe because of what is happening in our society today.Sometimes I imagine…if Fr. Jose Burgos, Fr. Jacinto Zamora, and Fr. Mariano Gomez were here today and fighting for the things they think they deserve, they would have been accused as enemies of the government and might be thrown at the prison cell for their  actions.  If Rizal were still alive today, he would have been using the social media to attack the evil and he might end up a victim of extra judicial killing. If Bonifacio were still alive today, he would have been in the street holding his bolo and waging a revolution against the wicked and as a consequence, he would have been accused as leftist and perceived as a threat to the state. If Macario Sakay, Diego Silang, Gabriela Silang, Marcelo H. del Pilar, were here today, they would have died for blatantly attacking the reigning evil.

Truly, it takes COURAGE to be a HERO. Learn from our history, it’s not the history repeating itself but it is “us” who allows the tragic part of our history to repeat itself, and then we say our government is terrible? What have we done to change this?

Peoples and governments are correlated and complementary: a fatuous government would be an anomaly among righteous people, just as a corrupt people cannot exist under just rulers and wise laws. Like people, like government… – Jose Rizal

Having a sense of our own history is not all about taking pride; it’s about having the same courage, learning from their experiences and becoming the true hope of our motherland.

Mabuhay ang mga Bayaning Pilipino!

Rekindling my Old Interest

Writers and Editors raise your brows now! The self-proclaimed writer is back and she’s gonna break grammatical rules again! 😀 


Hello Neighbors, Followers, and Readers of Unveiled Treasures if there are any of you left. How is it going at your end? I have been fine and doing well, but not the entire time I was out of this blogosphere otherwise it would seem abnormal to feel fine for a year without a touch of other emotions.

Tell you honestly, my vocabulary is no longer adequate to narrate all the events that happened from the time I stopped writing for this blog. Moreover, as you would notice my writing style hasn’t improved a bit because I haven’t done anything to make it better. 😉 Okay, so, prior to this day, I have been thinking to embark on a 30-day blogging challenge (that I’ve found via pinterest) so that I would keep trying to write something. Apropos, this whole 30-day blogging challenge annoyingly pressures me to be goal-oriented or at least objective-oriented for a month and it’s kind of difficult for me (honestly!). That is why I am not sure if I would be able to sustain writing for this blog every day, especially because I had to work from Monday-Friday. In fact, I just finished checking some papers earlier and since there have been a lot of ideas lingering in my mind all day long, I’ve decided to give a readable form and tangible shape to those amorphous thoughts.

A lot of occasions/events have gone by and emotions that lifted me up to the clouds and at the same time devastated me yet I haven’t given a slightest effort to write about them. Sometimes, I am thinking… my life is no longer normal or is it me that isn’t normal? Why is life so complicated? Why does this job take too much of my time? More so, why do I feel lazy most of the time? Minus all the demands of this world (and of course, my job), living could be as simple as breathing, eating, sitting, walking, waking up in the morning and sleeping at night. Tell me, how am I going to restructure my life to make it less cumbersome? Do you know how? Is there a formula for that? Or maybe there is a theory that you knew that I could try and see if it would work for me? If you know one, please feel free to share it thru the comment box below, this poor blabber will greatly appreciate it.

By writing this, all I want is to rekindle the old interest that was thrown into oblivion for the nth time yet I’ve already blabbed about a quarter (well, not really) of my life just now. I hope this bite-size approach will do well or at least, channel the desire to counter laziness.  I’ll try to write more often soon and I hope to have few readers again.


Enjoy your weekend! 🙂

On Politics

I am less than a productive creature based on my own standard; just living this life, taking each day ordinarily – in other words, I am living to survive. Silence engulfed this blog for a month now and the more I ignore it, the more it gets bigger to the extent that I almost feared that I may never write any post for this blog again.

Tell you what, my own indolence enthused me to write, my own fear fueled me to write, isn’t it good? I mean, I used to write when I’m inspired, I form words at the back of my mind, scribble them on my notebook, and type them here – it has always been amazing to do such. But yea, I should start anew, bring back my love for writing, and find joy in sharing my thoughts to my few readers (if there are any of you left).

Now my topic is Politics.

I am writing this blog post not to sugar-coat the ways of Philippine politicians, or to make Philippine politics appear abysmal and immature. I am writing this to present my thoughts in a sensible and as much as possible, realistic manner.

Politics, its totality and reality cannot be avoided but hearing its dreary complexities for quite a while made me feel so dead beat. Let me ask you, isn’t it tiring and disappointing to hear over the news and read over the newspaper the posturing, name calling scandal, and pontificating/speechifying ways of Politicians? Just when they spew from their mouths that they were morally upright leaders with genuine concern for Filipinos during elections, their actions were not enough to justify their claims.

On the other hand, I am more disappointed on the way media is covering certain news, when talking about Politics, both sides of the political spectrum should be presented not just the side that bears weight at a given moment. I am also disappointed in the way some Filipinos were talking and writing about our politicians, as if being in the office made them a public property, ergo, we are entitled to shred/strip their character up to our heart’s content.

As rational and educated person, let us try to remember the dignity/self-respect that is inherent in every individual, a kind of respect that every person deserves regardless of his status in the society. Let’s get into the core and challenge the “idea” or the”argument” being posed and not the person.

If we will only try to examine it closely, the idea is the one being presented but the person is the one being attacked all the time, and this attack extends to his family and relatives which I believe is no longer right. Their thoughts might be different from ours, but that doesn’t make them stupid. Let us not challenge the IDENTIY but the IDEA that was once presented in the table. The existing issue is way more important rather than tarnishing the personality of one person by labeling him as corrupt, killer, etc.. We should not trade truth and respect with insulting puns and disgrace and try to project rumors as the existing truths.

Another reality is – both sides of the spectrum believe that one side is lying and wrongfully guided. Influences, egos, desire to maintain power gets in the way; they all wanted to stay at the top and staying at top means they have to pull someone down otherwise the stage might just collapse and they will all end up into the ground.

Moreover, the actual issue is often neglected which is transparency and visible service for the Filipino people. We don’t need people asking rhetorical questions, we need leaders whose vision for Philippines is well-defined not vague. We shall refrain from falling into the habit of being scandalmongers, while it is completely normal to disagree with someone’s ideas, it is not normal and right to criticize/attack the person and his families for it could be seriously destructive.

Political differences are important; it keeps the political spectrum balance and working. After all we are human beings, having different judgments made us open to good interpretations and misinterpretations.

Question the idea and be rational enough to put emphasis on the value of respect.



Busy as a Bee, Happy as a Clam

If bees are busy, I am busier than them. I have never been so busy in my entire life until I landed a job that changed my life holistically.

Geesh!  It’s like I’ve been banished to a distant place, not far from the primitive stage of the world when there’s no internet, computer, cell phone and other state of the art stuff to communicate with you.  I do feel rusty. There’s more to that folks, I haven’t read any good book either hence I have totally lost track of new words that I could use for this post. :/

My vocation as a lecturer is very demanding, it demands more of my time, and it requires knowledge, wisdom, devotion, passion, understanding, patience, enthusiasm and most of all, joy. Apart from that, the mounting paper works that I needed to check, the stubborn students, the pressing deadlines – all these things suffocate me, all these things steal my desire to live a simple life; way far from the kind of life I used to live.

The semester has finally ended and I am now down to checking the papers and computing the grades. My eyes had turned red already because of lack of sleep. If there is an opportunity to escape from the city and live in the countryside, I would certainly grab it. I can only imagine how wonderful it would be to live in countryside – fresh air, lush green trees, a small yet comfortable home, flowers that blooms, fruit-bearing trees all over. Yes, all I need is a breath of fresh air so that I could start doing things again with brio.

Honestly  if I would only permit myself, I can spend hours enumerating all my childish-complaints here but I wouldn’t focus on those. Yes, I would like to use this opportunity to write about the things I learned and realized over the past months. 😉

I have seen teaching as a prelude to a wider sphere of life. Over the past months, though I seldom write, my thoughts are still pretty much around, working and analyzing every circumstance in my life.  And here’s what I personally realized…

“Living the reality of HUMAN life is not easy but living the reality of SPIRITUAL life is fulfilling.”

Seriously, if you will take a closer look to human life, it is not easy. We need to survive each day, respond to the challenges posed before us, get used to the ways of different organizations (especially if we are a part of it), and conform to the standard norms of the society. This era of consumerism made more human lives miserable. My never-ending desire to obtain the things (I don’t actually need) is a manifestation that I am a slave of the word “consumerism”. That is human life; every day is another day to live by, every day is another day that we need to survive.

Here comes a more fulfilling aspect though, the spiritual life.  Spiritual life is an important factor that would keep us grounded. In search of spiritual growth, one must not look at the religion, one must only look at the fact that we are all sons of God, created after his image. As long as the concept of learning and sharing is present, it is fine to partake on discussions or fellowships. I would tell you, you will find fulfillment in nourishing your own spiritual life.

Folks, remember that human decisions should be justified by his reason, that’s why we have freewill and we are rational in the first place. Human actions on the other hand should be qualified by his conscience. Or in other words, the human life and the spiritual life of a person must be balanced for a sound and joyful living.

If clams are ever happy, then I am happy as a clam because I managed to finish a blog post after a long time.

Happy weekend  🙂

One-Shot Blogging

I have a lot of experiences to share, of observations to discuss, of thoughts to discern, of words to say, of sentiments to convey. But because I don’t have so much time to discuss them in an elaborate and detailed manner, I am going to make a one-shot blogging like I did in my previous blog posts.

Using my own neurons, I’ve decided to define One-shot blogging as… blabbing about different stories under one title mainly to conserve time and efforts without sacrificing the content.

Now, let the shot begin! 🙂

On experiences to share

Few days ago, I received a notification from WP, informing me that it’s already my third year as a blogger-blabber in this distinct online community. Wow! Three years of blogging and blabbing, of inspiring and criticizing, of crafting and writing poems. I have not been shied to share all my rants, my defeats, my failures, my worries, my pains, my heartbreaks, and my victories. My journey as a blogger-blabber has been worthwhile and special because of you, my beloved reader and visitor. This experience is awe inspiring and humbling at once because my every day journey, my prose, my poetry, my simple creations – they all came from me and they took their form through me… which made them more special. I hope and pray to see more readers and visitors in the next years to come. Three years and still counting folks. Cheers for this little achievement!

Another experience has something to do with my new infatuation. Well, just to add a little excitement to my boring life, I often find myself infatuated to some guys. Not that I am fantasizing or daydreaming about them because definitely I am not. I only enjoy the feeling brought by their company, their glances, and nice words about me. 😉

On Observations

Being an instructor for nearly 1 month now, here are the kinds of students I came across with (so far) see if you are one of them:

  1. A student who acts cool and can be rude to his instructor anytime
  2. A student who thinks and believes he knows everything and underestimates his instructor’s capability/ability to teach
  3. A student who talks/mimics the instructor
  4. A student who is genuinely curious and asks sensible questions
  5. A student who always seek attention (by being too active)
  6. A student who thinks he is the savior of the class by leaking answers/coaching his fellow student during class recitations
  7. A student who does not observe proper decorum while inside the classroom
  8. A student who becomes anxious during recitations/classroom activities
  9. A student who feels comfortable talking to the instructor in a casual way

On Thoughts

I have few thoughts running like squirrels inside my mind that needs proper discernment. Or else, I might just do something I am not supposed to do and regret it afterwards. I need more time to think and discern.

One of is the significance/importance of showing “respect”. It is expected that young ones should pay respect to the elders and in return, they wanted to be respected too – (as imposed by the society where we live). However, a real and long-lasting kind of “respect” is not freely given neither could be imposed by our society, it should be earned.

In other words, there is a clear line that separates real and long-lasting respect from the kind of respect imposed by our society, which is sometimes not long lasting. If you want to be respected, learn to show some respect regardless of your age or your status in the community.

On Words

I need stimulation to do creative work. I wanted to write a poem but I can’t find a reason to write one. One reason would let the words flow like molten lava, finding its own way to flow continuously – without hindrance, without impediment.


Oh poetry, you don’t know how I missed thee.

You are the home for my restless thoughts,

The refuge to my wandering sentiments.

Oh poetry, how I want to engross myself to the

Ethereal brilliance of writing one.


On Sentiments

I am happy and contented as of this moment. Happy for having a job, and contented with what is going on with my life now. I planted the seed of hope, nourished it with my faith, and now, God allowed the tree to bear fruits, of which I am reaping now. What else should I be asking for if all the things I needed are laid right exactly in my palms? Feeling so thankful and blessed!

On the other side, I am in the state of funk. I miss Paps. I miss him every day and every night. I will miss him forever. It is still painful or I should say it is getting more painful every day whenever I get a grasp of how time flies so quickly, of how many months he’s been gone and of the years that is yet to come without him.